Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique


  • 1380: The first French-language cookbook "Viandier" written by Guillaume Tirel, also known as “Taillevent”
  • 1946:André Vrinat opens the Taillevent restaurant in Paris’ 9th district.
  • 1948:The Taillevent receives its first Michelin star.
  • 1950:The restaurant moves to the former mansion of the Duke of Morny at 15 rue Lamennais in Paris, 8th district, near the Champs-Elysées.
  • 1954:The restaurant earns its second Michelin star.
  • 1962:Jean-Claude Vrinat begins working alongside his father, André.
  • 1973:Third Michelin Star.
  • 1987:Les Caves de Taillevent opens.
  • 2008:Jean-Claude Vrinat passes away, Valérie Vrinat takes the helm.
  • 2011:The Gardinier brothers acquire Taillevent Paris from Valérie Vrinat.
  • 2013:Les Caves de Taillevent opens in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • 2014:Les Caves de Taillevent opens a new concept in Paris at 228 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
  • 2015: Les 110 de Taillevent restaurant opens in Central London’s Marylebone district.
Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique


Le Taillevent was founded in 1946.
'Taillevent' was first the name of a culinary legend, it is now the name of a French Grande Maison, where food and wine pairings, “ L’accord Mets & Vins”, are created and experienced with subtle sophistication and contemporary cachet.
Le Taillevent keeps dignity and style as supreme prestige Grande Maison.

Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique

About LES CAVES de Taillevent(Paris)

Les Caves de Taillevent, a veritable showcase of French winemaking, is your opportunity to discover one of the finest wine collections in the world. Les Caves de Taillevent carries more than 2 000 wines and spirits, from the most famous to the most elusive appellations. From among the great classic, celebrated vintages, unusual labels and rising stars, our sommeliers will guide and inspire you to ensure a truly unique, personal selection.